Mere Bulles – Restaurants in Brentwood TN

Room Descriptions & Floorplans

Living Room – Offered only in tandem with the Sunroom. The primary room of the house seats up to 48 guests. A large fireplace and Mother Bubbles’ 19th-century mirror anchor one wall, while her enormous impressionistic painting pillars the adjacent wall. Coupled with the adjacent Sunroom, 78 guests may be seated.

Magnolia Lounge – This curtained cocktail area is located on our 1st floor across from the house bar & is perfect for Happy Hours & Mixers. This space is filled with lounge furniture that can accommodate up to 40 people. 

Sunroom – Ceiling-high windows, sunny during the day, romantic at night. The Sunroom is adjacent to the outdoor patio and seats 30 guests. May be booked in conjunction with the Living Room for more seating.

Indoor Patio – Beyond the bar and cocktail area, the Indoor Patio seats up to 62 guests and offers beautiful views of the outdoor patio through our ceiling-high windows. This room is fully audio-visual equipped.

Outdoor Patio – Located off of the Sunroom and the Indoor Patio, the Outdoor Patio offers 16 tables with umbrellas seating up to 70 guests. The serene atmosphere is accented by our 100-year-old Maple tree.
























Family Room – This private room is the pinnacle of elegance. It accommodates approximately 30-40 guests for a standing cocktail reception, and up to 43 guests for a seated dinner. This room is private and is equipped with an internal computer interface for PowerPoint presentations and Internet access, as well as an LCD projector, Bose sound system, satellite TV, and built in 5′x 6′ retractable screen. The prominent fireplace takes the chill out of any winter evening. Ideal for rehearsal dinners, business presentations, receptions and board room-style business dinner meetings. Private restrooms are situated at the rear of the room.

Martha’s Room – Once the bedroom of beloved Martha, this private upstairs room accommodates up to 18 seated guests. Coupled with the Family Room and the smaller Ward Room, up to 64 seated guests may be accommodated.

Balcony – Our elegant covered balcony offers a wonderful al fresco dining experience. Equipped with ceiling fans, it offers absolute protection from light summer rains. The Balcony will accommodate up to 24 seated guests. NOTE: The Family Room, Martha’s Room and the Balcony may be booked separately or in various combinations 75-80 seated guests. The upstairs is fully handicapped accessible via elevator.


























All Dinner Banquet Packages are Available for Luncheon Service

Specialty Services
Specialty Linen & Décor, Mirrors, Votive Candles
Transportation/Limousine Service
Audio Visual Equipment
Wedding Coordinator Fee $250

Mère Bulles Audio Visual Services
Fee Involved

Built-in Audio Visual Equipment including:
Bose Surround-sound System
Satellite Direct TV
Ceiling-mounted LCD Projector
5’ x 6’ Retractable Screen (screen use only – $25)
Wireless Internet Access