Mere Bulles

Dine-In Lunch & Dinner Menu


For a printable lunch & dinner menu click here.


Charleston She-Crab Bisque  Cup $9 / Bowl $12

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake  16
super lump crab meat, fresh lemon, roasted red peppers, lemon
dijon aioli, roasted red pepper aioli

Thai Chili Calamari  12
lightly breaded, thai chili sauce

Battered Artichoke Hearts V  12
parmesan cheese and chipotle ranch

Tomato & Brie Bruschetta MB, V  12
grilled tuscan bruschetta, basil pesto, tomato, parmesan cheese and sliced brie

Stuffed Mushroom Caps GF  12
lobster crab butter, champagne, feta cheese, parmesan cheese

Roasted Cauliflower V  12
shallots, red peppers, spinach basil pesto, goat & parmesan cheeses, balsamic


Vegetarian & Greens

Traditional Caesar Salad 6/12

Black Kale Salad GF, V  13

Goat Cheese & Spinach Salad V  6/12

Traditional Cobb  13

Butternut Beet Salad 14

Quinoa & Roasted Vegetables GF, V    19

Red Curry & Rice Bowl GF, V    19

Add on: chicken $7, two jumbo scallops $16, shrimp $10, salmon $10, 4 oz. filet $15, crab cake $16



Seared Plum Salmon MB  29
pan seared salmon, soy plum sauce, toasted sesame seeds,
cilantro lime rice, organic carrots & peas

Grilled Salmon & Corn Cakes* 24
salmon medallions over jalapeño corn cakes, with
cilantro dill crema, lemon aioli, & fried Brussels
sprouts with honey

Shrimp & Grits  26
sautéed shrimp, shallots, mushrooms, bacon, cajun
cream sauce, fried grits, scallions, diced tomatoes

Seared Scallops  33
sweet potatoes, organic carrots & peas and a citrus
beurre blanc

Joyce Farms Half Roasted Chicken GF 25
caramelized onion mash, bacon drizzled haricot verts, sweet pea pesto

Sun-dried Tomato Chicken 24
italian crusted, sun-dried tomato lemon butter,
parmesan cheese, caramelized onion mash & asparagus


Angus Filet Mignon*
6 oz.  36 / 8oz. 41/ 12oz. 49
caramelized onion mash and bacon drizzled haricot verts 

Angus Ribeye* MB  16 oz. 39
caramelized onion mash and crumbled bacon haricot verts

Short Rib* GF  32
caramelized onion mash and crumbled bacon haricot verts

Angus Prime Rib * 12 oz.  34 / 14 oz.  38 / 16 oz.  43
caramelized onion mash and crumbled bacon haricot verts

Sauces & Accompaniments

Béarnaise GF  3
Bleu Cheese Butter  3
Lobster Butter  3

All of our steaks & chops are single-sourced out of Greeley, Colorado to ensure an unprecedented level of quality & consistency


Crumbled Bacon Haricots Verts  
Fried Brussels Sprouts 
Seasonal Root Vegetables  
Chipotle Bacon Creamed Corn
Cilantro Lime Rice   
Caramelized Onion Mash   
Organic Carrots & Peas   
House Mac & Cheese


served with house-made chips unless noted

Salmon BLT 17
grilled salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion,
chipotle mayonnaise

Fried Chicken Sandwich  17
fried chicken, romaine, caesar, bleu cheese, tomato,
bacon, red onion, mayonnaise 

Rib Rolls MB  19
shaved prime rib, jack & cheddar cheeses,
horseradish cream sauce with au jus

Fish Tacos  17
blackened mahi mahi, with southwestern slaw,
red onion, cilantro, queso fresco and aioli.
served with cilantro lime rice, black beans & pico

Blue Cheese Burger  18
bleu cheese crumbles, bleu chees dressing, caramelized onions, sliced tomato, arugula, roasted red peppers, balsamic reduction, french fries

Brentwood’s Best Burger*  18
grilled 8 oz. burger, havarti cheese, bacon, lettuce,
tomato, red onion, mayonnaise & dijon mustard.
served with french fries
add egg  1


Carrot Cake MB  9
Coconut Tres Leches  9
Chocolate Decadence GF  9
Crème Brulee GF  9


MB = Mere Bulles Signature item                 GF = Gluten Free                      V = Vegetarian

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.